How Much Do Construction Bookkeepers Make? Average Salary in All 50 States

February 17, 2023

Construction bookkeepers are an essential part of a healthy, financially stable construction business. They help keep the books balanced and ensure that everything is in order when the finances are passed over to an accountant at the end of the year. Because of the complexity of project-based bookkeeping and accounting and the unique cash flow cycle of the construction industry, construction bookkeepers tend to have specialized training and experience.

With their expanded skill set, construction bookkeepers earn more than their non-construction counterparts. The average standard bookkeeper earns about $42,000 a year in the United States, whereas the average construction bookkeeper commands about $51,000.

Curious about how much you should pay a construction bookkeeper as a GC, or about how much you could make as a construction bookkeeper? We’ve compiled salary data from a variety of job sites to help you understand the current market and set your expectations accurately:

Highest States

The states with the highest average construction bookkeeper salary are:

New York










New York tops our list with an average salary close to $60,000. 

Lowest States

The states with the lowest average construction bookkeeper salary are:



West Virginia








Idaho construction bookkeepers earn the least in the United States, with an average of around $41,000 a year. 

Where do construction bookkeepers get paid the most?

Construction bookkeepers earn the most on average in New York, where they earn an average of over $59,000 a year. 

Can construction bookkeepers make six figures?

Most full-time construction bookkeepers will not earn six figures, as the average salary is around $51,000. That said, if you also have accounting skills, work for a large company, or become a freelance bookkeeper with multiple clients, you could potentially earn six figures.

Is bookkeeping a high income skill?

Construction bookkeepers are not uniquely well paid, as their average salary of about $51,000 is close to the national average salary for all workers of $54,000.

How much should I charge as a full-time construction bookkeeper?

While your anticipated salary will vary depending on your state and qualifications, a strong target would be the mid-to-high $50,000’s. 

State Average Salary
New York $59,597
Massachusetts $59,357
Georgia $58,919
Hawaii $57,889
Washington $57,027
Minnesota $56,604
New Jersey $56,336
Montana $56,283
Missouri $55,915
California $55,140
Oregon $54,887
Maryland $53,715
Connecticut $53,533
Texas $53,260
Wyoming $52,772
Illinois $52,693
Arkansas $52,601
Delaware $52,538
Arizona $52,265
New Mexico $51,862
Colorado $51,837
Rhode Island $51,775
Nebraska $50,944
Vermont $50,547
Iowa $50,189
Tennessee $50,174
Wisconsin $50,019
Utah $49,893
Alaska $49,767
Maine $49,702
Virginia $49,441
Louisiana $49,345
Pennsylvania $49,280
Florida $48,174
New Hampshire $48,141
Oklahoma $48,055
North Carolina $48,042
Nevada $48,023
Ohio $47,285
Michigan $47,230
South Dakota $46,858
North Dakota $46,159
Alabama $45,884
Indiana $45,865
South Carolina $44,633
Kentucky $44,556
West Virginia $43,874
Kansas $42,824
Mississippi $42,668
Idaho $41,303
National $50,714


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